The world conference "Intelligent systems for industrial automation-WCIS" is held every two years. The main goal of thescientific conference is to organize fruitful meetings and discussion of popular scientific and technical problems of implementing intelligent systems for industrial automation in the context of the industrial revolution "Industry 4.0", which connects the physical and digital world of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things (IoT), and cloud technologies for the entire life cycle of new equipment and technologies being created.

  12th Scientific Conference "WCIS-2022" will be held on November 25-26, 2022 in Tashkent, a city with a rich history. The sections will focus on the development of fuzzy logic, linguistic variables, artificial neural networks, genetic and evolutionary algorithms, neuro-computing, soft computing, chaos theory, and hybrid control systems.

Papers for WCIS-2022 are solicited in areas, including, but not limited to:

   1. Integrated computer-aided industrial systems;

   2. Expert systems;

   3. Intelligent computer-aided design;

   4. Signal and image processing, pattern recognition;

   5. Intellectual information systems, sensors and measurement systems;

   6. Software of intelligent industrial systems;

   7. Intelligent control systems;

   8. Intelligent robots;

   9. Decision Making and Support systems;

   10. Multi-agent distributed intelligent systems;

   11. Chaotic processes;

   12. Neural computing, fuzzy and evolutionary computation;

   13. Multimedia systems and information security;

   14. Network technologies, multimedia and e-learning;

   15. Graphical design, visualization and 3D modeling;

   16. Industry 4.0. (cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things (IoT), cloud technologies,  5G technology;

   17. Modelling of chimicho-technological process;

   18. Computational chemistry.